Who Are We?

We worship Christ

We are a group of Christians who worship Jesus. We strive to live like he did, in obedience to our Father and in service to our fellow man. Being a disciple of Christ means being a part of his church and in communion with all who share the same faith.

Committed to God and His Word

Our local church is independent and has no human hierarchy; we answer to Christ and Christ alone. We are united with believers in France and throughout the world by our common commitment to God and his Holy Word.

First century spirit of obedience

We do not seek to restore external practices, but to rediscover the spirit of obedience which was the essence of the Christian faith of the first century.

What we believe

We believe:
  • In God
  • In Jesus Christ
  • In the Holy Spirit
  • In the Bible
  • In salvation
  • In the church
  • In the hope of eternal life

Visit us online!

We welcome you to visit the website of the Lyon Church of Christ: