About France and Spiritual Need

Statistics about France and spiritual affiliation


  • France:  68 million
  • Paris:  11 million
  • Lyon:  1.8 million
  • Marseille:  1.7 million
  • Lille:  1.1 million
  • Toulouse:  1 million
  • Bordeaux:  1 million
  • Nice:  1 million

Religious affiliations 

  • Roman Catholic:  29% (only 8% attend mass regularly)
  • Muslim:  10%
  • Other:  9%
  • No religion:  51 % of those age 18 to 59 years

Source: INSEE, The French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies

Spiritual Need

France is strategic! It is the gateway to the French-speaking world of 320 million people.

Many foreigners come to France, and some return to their home country as Christians! France is also strategic because it’s a training ground for missionaries to French-speaking Africa. 

Long-term work is the only effective means of reaching the lost with the Gospel, but there is a need for more workers. In France, there is one Church of Christ preacher for every 9.7 million people – like having two preachers for the combined States of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee, or two preachers for all of Texas!

Francophone Countries

Christian presence needed

In the battle against secularism, Christian presence in nations like France is essential. Will you pray with us that the Lord sends workers?