Arlin & Pamela HENDRIX
15 B chemin Sapinière
69330 Meyzieu, FRANCE
Telephone & fax: +33 478.04.13.06

Sponsor Information
White Station Church of Christ
Attn: Hendrix Mission
1106 Colonial Road
Memphis, TN 38117

Contact: Jack Boyd
Phone 901-550-1585

Missions elder: Richie Lynn
Phone 901-606-5999

The Lyon Church of Christ

Our members represent 7 nationalities with varying ages and educational and socialbackgrounds.

Besides Sunday worship, there are classes for all ages on Sundays, as well as our Tuesday night Bible class for adults. The church also has regular prayer meetings and a monthly potluck.

We do monthly letter-boxing which offers a free 2-lesson Bible correspondence course. In addition, there are seminars planned for non-Christians and special visitors? days. The Harding Chorus performed at the Lyon Basilica in 2006, and a chorus from Marseille has given concerts every year since 2000.

Lyon is often responsible for planning the annual Christian retreats. In early November is the one for teenagers. In late November is the meeting of church leaders for French-speaking Europe (Belgium, France and Switzerland). The family retreat is held in France every May. And there is the ladies' retreat in February.